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Miami is home to some of the most expensive homes and properties around the world. According to a report written about in the Miami New Times, Miami ranked as the seventh largest market for luxury real estate in the world. Miami beat out places like Paris, Toronto, and San Francisco in the top ten list. Being so close to the water with warm temperatures and a huge nightlife scene, it comes as no surprise that Miami ranks in the top ten of luxury real estate markets. This article will highlight some of the most expensive properties in the Miami area with a small synopsis of the history of the property itself.

2001 Collins Ave.

Recently this penthouse suite was sold for twenty seven million dollars beating the previous record of a twenty five million. The property takes up the entire fortieth floor of the Setai Miami Beach and is home to four bedrooms and six bathrooms. Amenities included in the property are a private parking garage and entrance, around the clock gourmet dining services, Bose surround sound speakers, and access to the rooftop terrace with both a pool and a Jacuzzi.

212 West Dilido Dr.

This enormous property houses seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms and will sometimes be referred to as ‘Casa Clara’. This mansion includes everything you will need in a property and then some left over. The property comes with its own private guest wing, with a large cinema theater, two story fireplace, tanning patio and much, much more. Another big add-on to the property is the fifteen million dollar yacht that can be included in the sale of the home and a vast amount of art totaling thirty million. The total price of the property with all additions included comes to seventy four million dollars.

42 La Gorce Circle

Otherwise known as ‘Castello de Sol’ this luxurious property was sold in 2016 for forty five million dollars, and for good reason. The property includes, a gym, tennis courts, a pool with a waterfall and swim-up bar, and small guest houses. The property comes to a total of eight bedrooms with nine and a half bathrooms making it ideal for plenty of guests. Hand painted ceilings and a chandelier-bedecked rotunda make the property extraordinarily beautiful and different from other luxury properties in the Miami area.